Model-based Analysis & Engineering  of
Novel Architectures for Dependable Electric Vehicles



MAENAD is an FP7 Project supported by the European Commission





MAENAD is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission. Below is a summary of the background and objectives.



The engineering of Fully Electric Vehicles (FEV) introduces new challenges to the automotive industry. Chassis and powertrain systems of FEV will have more authority, be more integrated and rely less on mechanical backup. The complexity and criticality are thus high and rigorous support for complexity management and safety engineering is required.


The success of the innovative solutions required to realise FEVs will be largely based on decisions made in the architecture design phase. Such decisions have a large impact on the cost and quality of systems and they are not easily reversible without incurring large redevelopment costs and time delays. Support for design space exploration through analysis and optimization is essential.


The MAENAD project continues the refinement of EAST-ADL for meeting these challenges. The title, Model-based Analysis & Engineering of Novel Architectures for Dependable Electric Vehicles gives a hint of the main objectives:


  • Provision of support for the automotive safety standard ISO 26262
  • Provision of capabilities for prediction of dependability & performance
  • Provision of capabilities for design optimization
  • Demonstration of project results in a practical electrical vehicle design    


…in the context of EAST-ADL and Fully Electrical Vehicles



EAST-ADL is an architecture description language tailored for the automotive industry. The EAST-ADL approach relies on AUTOSAR for representing software architecture but extends to more abstract representations. It includes support for requirements engineering, safety engineering, variability management, and product line architectures. However, it is lacking support for some of the engineering steps involved in FEV development.


EAST-ADL has been refined in the FP7 project ATESST2, and is used in parallel projects that provide language feedback and refinement suggestions. The MAENAD project will define language constructs, development methodology and prototype tools that meet the needs of FEV development. The basis is the current version of EAST-ADL, version 2.1.


The MAENAD partners represent

  • Automotive OEMs
    Volvo Technology Corporation, Sweden (Coordinator)
    Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A., Italy

  • Automotive suppliers
    Continental Automotive, Germany
    Delphi/Mecel AB, Sweden
    4S S.r.l., Italy

  • Tool vendors
    Arccore, Sweden
    MetaCase, Finland
    Systemite, Sweden

  • Research
    Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France
    Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden
    Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
    University of Hull, UK)


The project budget is around 4 mio EUR and the duration is three years starting Sept 2010.


MAENAD has Grant Agreement Number 260057








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